Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Youth, Style, Re'sistance

I am certainly part of a subculture, it's funny though because I am not
die-hard or fanatical about the scene, I just personally love the style.
But here is a link to a site where the die-hards hang out and cheese
about. This is where the Kitten 66 joke comes in. The joke touches on
how when people get into the whole subculture thing they can become so
completely immersed in being different and relish in their unusualness,
but really there's a total saturation and their oddity has become

On a similar note, I find the - for instance - punk scene to have
started with very good intentions. You know, eff the government and
anarchy rules, but a virus has come about and threatened to change all
that... It's called Hot Topic and a punk documentary said that it gave
way for saturation and thus a corporate spin and complete alteration of
what it means to be thumbing your nose at the very institutions that are
now making money off the punk scene. It's interesting how capitalism
finds a way to make money off the anti-capitalists.

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