Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Barbidization of America

As said in the above mentioned posts, S. California particularly has an obsession with obtaining perfection, but that can lead to very dangerous places and not only in S. California. A news report last week told of a Korean woman who injected her face with cooking oil when she ran out of silicon. She wound up looking like she had a severe case of elephantiasis.
Madonna has also had some of her own fixing's up and
there have been horrendous pictures of her post-procedure. She, as Susan
Bordo states, is not what she initially set out to be, one who scoff's
in the face of patriarchal conformity. Although I never thought she did
anything revolutionary, she just happened to have a soapbox to project
what many women in the sex industry have done for ages. Only she brought
their image to young girls to emulate. Go Madonna!

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