Sunday, September 14, 2008

How did I contribute to the cage?

To be sure, CC conceptualized the cat "trapped in a cage," and I agreed on the overall theme as a good starting point. The group met and hashed out all the ideas that we had and how we could fit our different views of the play within the "cage" theme. I had already read an article , which was comparing Maggie to the Goddess Diana/Artemis. However intriguing that notion is, I rather liked the quotes they used in describing the female form. It was here that I came into my own conceptualization of the cat "trapped in a cage" by way of Western societies beauty ideal, specifically the gender constrictions placed upon the female form. So, within this context, along with the other various ideas that the group contributed, we collectively came to the conclusion of using three film clips that would showcase our mini themes under the umbrella of the cat "trapped in a cage." Nick and I are sharing the responsibility of analyzing War of the Roses and how Barbara Rose (Kathleen Turner) fits into these gender constrictions as well as comparing the relationships to that of Maggie and Brick and Mae and Gooper.
Moreover, within the mini-groups, we are also acting as MC's to ensure an overall great conversation flow for the actual class presentation. We have compiled a list of questions that each of us came up with and will use those if there is a lag in the discussion. We would like the class analysis to be more spontaneous, yet we will use the questions as a sort of plan B.
Beyond the mini-groups and the group as a whole, I have worked to facilitate a conversation between us outside of class. I have attempted to keep in contact with the other members in order to ensure that we are all on the same page. Nick and I have kept an active dialogue going in order to delve deeper into the War of the Roses and how we see the similarities of the characters with those in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

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