Friday, September 19, 2008

Genre, schmenre

I agree with Charles Donah that what we are defining are - for the most 
part - movies made quickly and carelessly. The fat-cats in Hollywood
rely on their audience to be tired and drained from hours of work and
stress; I mean, who wants to analyze a movie after a long and exhausting
work week unless you are a film critic, student, independently wealthy
and have that leisure and brain power left? Romcom's are easy and light.
They sell because it doesn't take much to watch them and if you are on a
date and you miss something ;), you probably haven't missed much.

I am always insulted though, I do not think our society is given enough
credit for it's intelligence and we are shafted by trite and easily made
films. These scripts are pumped out in less than a month, the actors are
pre-picked, and the formula is so incredibly mundane. It's not even
boy-meets-girl-loses-girl-regains-girl anymore; it's let's see how many
times we can recycle this script/actors before anyone really notices.
For example, Judd Apatow films. He likes Seth Rogan, Adam Sandler, Will
Ferrell, etc. I personally do not like the same ol faces in every
comedy. I like when I can watch a film and not be distracted by a
recognizable face. Furthermore, if I watch a movie and feel like I'm
watching a re-run because they employ the same writing technique or
actors, I'll lose interest real quick.

Even the action films are dull. And the horror... I loved "the Descent,"
but that was not an American film and oversees companies seem to take
more chances. Furthermore, if I see another Saw, I think I'll throw up!
And yes, Die Hard was a good film, Die Hard 4, not so much. The studios
though, were not afraid to throw millions of dollars at Bruce Willis to
reprise John McClane because they knew the audience wanted to reacquaint
themselves with an oldie but goodie.

I guess when it all comes down to it, little disappointed in the genres
as a whole. Maybe critics will call Romcom's "the most generic of
genres;" I think most movies rely on stock characters, familiar
situations, and the formula of both script and actors. It's easy and
cheap and that makes for millions!

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