Monday, March 2, 2009

Frankenstein's Id

This song and video, although a fan's vision and not the artist's intention,  shows some interesting idea's with respect to Freudian/Lacanian theory. Psycho, of course, the ultimate Oedipus Complex come to life. Norman Bates loves his mother so much, that he must kill the young woman because she is replacing his feelings for his mother. There is also a scene in the video that shows a gentleman sword-fighting with his own mirror image and that screams the Lacanian  mirror stage of development. And of course Frankenstein; even though he may be man-made, he usurps the idea of being controlled by his master through gaining feelings of his own. However, these feelings are more animalistic, so maybe Mary Shelley was attempting to express her own premonitory thoughts of Freud because Frankenstein is the Id and Superego visually shown... Maybe not :)

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