Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Influence

I chose to be part of the Classical Literary Theory group, albeit with hesitation. Although having had some experience with being part of a first group presentation last semester, Rafael specifically asked me to join for the lack of members was prevalent, and thus, I agreed. Initially, I attempted to set up group discussion on Webct, however, I being the only one knowing about the files under the group section, was unable to incite discussion in that space. It was then in class that Rafael and I talked, attempting to bounce some idea's off one another. We discussed a bit more, but lacking our third group member, nothing could be solidified. We finally met up briefly after class with David; I threw out the idea of focusing on Plato's theory of Forms by having class members draw the couch concept. I thought it might add flare to purchase markers of various colors and let people's personalities and poetry speak on paper, then discuss the differences, similarities, and the bases of what makes the simplest form of a couch, a couch. David liked where I was going, but wanted to have an official meeting. We all decided to meet on Friday and spent three hours hashing out our plan. David suggested the mock trial and both Rafael and I thought it was apropos under the scope of the Greek Philosopher/Sophist dichotomy. The drawing exercise was still included and the Forms could be touched upon as well. We all contributed to the individual components of the entire presentation. I planted the drawing seed and helped to shape the various components of the presentation. I picked out the South Park clip for a bit of dark humor and wrote up the piece of expert opinion. Looking back, I am certainly not a lawyer and failed in presenting my Philoshophical side. I just could not compete with David's excellent and absurd logic! It was here that the division between the two of us was not clear enough and hope it did not cause too much confusion. Overall, I enjoyed presenting a discussion that could break some bit of form and hope some are enjoying chocolate today!

PS. I bought the cups...

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