Friday, October 17, 2008

Romance of a Radical Sort

I find it funny that the radical aspect of the romantic comedy has now
become this notion that, (gasp) wait for it.... Woman actually enjoy sex
just as much as men, maybe even more. And even though this was discovered
by the Kinsey report, we saw that the sex comedy kept that on the back
burner by still emphasizing a woman's need for a solid commitment. With
that said, and in the context of the women's movement of the 70's, a
woman's sexual necessity is not a shocking revelation. After all, they
-the feminist movement- are trying to define what women actually want.

I do disagree with McDonald's suggestion that the romance of sexual
encounters has been lost. Romance is a lot about fantasy, why can one
not have a fantasy during intercourse? [I did, however, love the line
"what was there to stop the romantic comedy heroine from sleeping with
the hero?" (60)] Regardless, this idea made me think of a poem that I
just read by Andrew Marvell where he is extremely insistent on his lover
and him consummating their love because death can come so soon and
unexpectedly. Now while this may be a seemingly cheap ploy to bed his love,
the poem is a romantic one of longing for her. It is also quite selfish
that he is so entirely obsessed with bedding her, much like the previous chapters
McDonald when she speaks about the battle of the sexes.

This is why I think that movies like Annie Hall consist of characters who are
investing in themselves as
opposed to self absorption, and in return they are
investing in their future
of a better relationship. I think it is important to be familiar
and in
tune with all of our experiences, this means practice, why not have some
fun practical lessons in our sexual encounters?

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